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31st January 2021:
At (-) 8.8℃ Srinagar records coldest night after 30 years

Weather update:  Srinagar recorded the coldest night after 30 years, as the temperature plummeted to(-) 8.8℃ 31st January 2021.

  In 1991 the minimum temperature recorded was (-)11.8℃ in Srinagar.

The minimum temperature was (-)12.0c in Pahalgam and  (-) 8.0c in Gulmarg.

Leh town of Ladakh had (-)16.6c, Kargil (-) 17.4c and Drass (-) 26.2c as the night`s lowest temperature.

1st/2nd June 2019
1Jacobabad (Pakistan)
2Churu (India)  ist June 2019
3Pad Idan (Pakistan)
4Rohri (Pakistan)
5Sibi (Pakistan)
6Ganganagar (India)
7Bahawalnagar (Pakistan)
8Nawabshah (Pakistan)
9Phalodi (India)
10Bikaner (India)

11th Jan: Fatehpur  Rajasthan -4.2c. Mt Abu -2.4c.Sirohi Rajasthan -2c, Pantnagar Uttarkhand -0.8c. Gurgaon 1.7c, Dhule 4.2c, Pimalgaon (Niphad) 4.1c, 
12th Jan: Aizwal  (Mizoram) recorded its lowest ever of 3.2c on 12th morning. (Coldest day in Aizwal was 19.9c on 24th Jan 2016). 
Sjung 3.4c. 
13th jan 2017:Damoh (MP) breaks all time low record of 1c by touching 0.5c on 13th Jan morning 2017.
Lucknow 0c, Udaipur 2.2c.

14th Jan Karachi recorded a maximum of 15.8c, most probably its coldest day ever. Western disturbance J-3 has precipitated 
Karachi last 36hrs ..Karachi (PAF Masroor, PAF Faisal 53, north Nazimabad 46, Model Observatory 43, Airport 35, north Karachi 34, Landhi 17, Gulshane Hadid 07). Hyderabad Sindh saw a high of 15.1c. Islamabad was 11.5c as the maximum on Saturday.  
Sibi in Balochistan saw a high of 13.1c.
Moin-Jo-Daro, (which holds a Asia record high of 53.5c in Summer 2010...See Vagaries Extreme Blog), was at a max temperature of 13.5c on 14th January 2017 !

14th Jan: Sikar in East Rajasthan recorded -2c.. Damoh all time record low at 0.2c.

19th May 2016
Historical High for India ! Phalodi, Rajasthan, India, records India's highest ever temperature when it recorded 51.0c on 19th May 2016.
Other maximum temperatures in India on 19th May 2016...

1 Phalodi 51.0 °C
2 Churu 50.2 °C (Record...Highest ever)
3 Barmer 49.5 °C
4 Bikaner 49.5 °C (Record...Highest ever)
Hottest in Gujarat: Ahemdabad and deesa at 48.0c. Hottest in Maharashtra: Jalgaon 46.6c.

Records on 19th May 2016:
Phalodi 51.0,Churu 50.2,Bikaner 49.5 (previous was in 1914),Jodhpur 48.8,Pilani 47.5
Ahmedabad 48.0  (previous was in 1916), Amreli 46.8
Udaipur 46.4 tied.
Erinpura (India) max. 48.4 ,Sawai Madhopur (India) max. 48.7 ,Jalore (India) max. 48.9 

Pakistan Met Department announces 52.2c in Larkana on 19th May 2016..
Other Pakistan Highs on 19th:
1 Jacobabad 51.5 °C
2 Bahawalnagar      50.0 °C
3 Sibi                       50.0 °C
4 Rohri                    49.0 °C


18th May 2016...The Highest ever temperature (Official and reliable) for India has been recorded at Phalodi (West Rajasthan)...50.5c.
This is a record, and the Highest ever for India. 

(India's Highest ever...Officially they record 50.6c at Alwar...But reading is doubtful...even as per WMO......The station was open few months before and during 1956 it was giving too high maxima 5-6C higher than surrounding stations, than later it got normal. In early May 1956 it was not so hot, but slightly above the average, we can say like a normal day in early June, but not at record levels.)...From Vagaries Extreme
see also here

18th May 2016 Maximums:
Churu followed with 49.1c, Jaisalmer 48.8c, Barmer 48.1c. Hottest in Maharashtra on Wednesday was Akola at 47.1c, and Hottest in Gujarat was Surendranagar at 47.8c. Idar followed with 47.6c, Gandhinagar saw 47.0c  and Ahmedabad was hot at 46.9c.   
New Delhi Palam was 46.4c.

Across the border in Pakistan, it was sizzling with extreme temperatures 0n 18th May 2016....
Larkana in Sindh saw an unimaginable 52c (Rounded off), Sibbi and Mohen-Jo- Daro saw 51.0c, Jacobabad and Padidan 50.5c...to mention the "above 50s" only.

The Lowest ever in the Plains of India was at Jaisalmer on 12th Jan 1967, when the mercury fell to -5.9c.

Maharashtra 's Phenomenal Day temperatures for 1st March 2015...Shown as  Max (1st March), Dep from Normal, Min , Dep from normal and day's rainfall.


 POONA                            18.9(-14.4)                 14.1( 0.9)                   08.0  (44 mms overnight)
 LOHGAON                       19.6(-14.4)                 15.0( 0.0)                  12.0

 JALGAON                         25.8(-8.8)                  14.8(-0.5)                    13.0
 KOLHAPUR                      24.0(-10.0)                 16.6(-1.0)                   11.0
 MAHABLESHWAR         15.9(-13.0)                 12.2(-3.0)                   019.0  (36 mms overnight)
 MALEGAON                     21.0(-13.2)                 16.0( 2.2)                   nil nil
 NASIK                               20.5(-12.2)                 15.0( 1.9)                   00.2
 SANGLI                             22.8(-12.1)                 17.0( 0.9)                   06.0
 SATARA                           20.6(-12.3)                 15.0(-0.7)                   06.0
 SOLAPUR                        27.8(-7.6)                    15.9(-3.3)                   00.5

 BOMBAY                         26.5(-4.0)               19.4(-1.7)         nil nil
 SCZ                                 28.3(-3.8)              18.6(-0.5)           nil nil
 ALIBAG                            27.2(-2.7)               18.2(-0.9)          00.3
 RATNAGIRI                     28.5(-3.3)              18.0(-2.3)           32.0
 PANJIM                           30.6(-1.5)               21.5( 0.0)          12.0
 DHANU                           27.0(-2.3)               19.8( 0.7)           08.0


OSMANABAD                  23.0(-10.8)               13.0(-5.0)               02.0
AURANGABAD               17.6(-15.6)               13.0(-2.0)              10.0
PARBANI                         22.3(-12.4)               16.2(-1.4)               06.0

BEED                              19.5(-14.5)                15.1(-1.2)


AKOLA                      20.1(-13.8)         16.1(-1.3)                  08.0 
AMRAOTI                 18.0(-15.9)          15.0(-3.2)                 17.0
BULDHANA              16.7(-14.7)          13.8(-3.9)                13.0
BRAMHAPURI          28.1(-5.3)            19.3( 2.2)                 01.0
CHANDRAPUR         32.0(-2.8)            20.0( 2.0)                nil nil
NAGPUR                    22.0(-11.1)          17.9( 1.5)                06.0
Washim                      19.0                    15.4                         nil nil
WARDHA                   20.7(-12.8)           16.5(-0.8)               12.0
YEOTMAL                 17.0(-16.3)          14.0(-4.7)                18.0

World  Extreme Temperature Stats for 2013:
2013:  year's hottest temperature of 129.0 degrees Fahrenheit (53.9 c) at Death Valley, California, occurred on June 30.
The year's coldest temperature of minus 110.6 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 79.2c) at Russia's Vostok Antarctic research station occurred on July 29.

Scientists have located the coldest place on Earth, where the temperature plunged to minus 135.8 degrees Fahrenheit, -93.2c,  on Aug. 10, 2010.
That reading was almost reached again this year at a nearby location when the mercury reached minus 135.3, -92.9c,  degrees on July 31.

The discoveries were made after the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center analyzed thermal satellite images that pinpointed the chilliest spots in two of the many frigid pockets within the heart of Antarctica.

The coldest daily temperature on the planet is recorded most of the year at Russia’s Vostok research base, where the official planetary record low of minus 128.6 degrees F, -89.2c, occurred on July 21, 1983.

Ice scientist Ted Scambos of the Colorado-based center cautions Guinness not to publish the unofficial new low in their record books just yet because further research could come across an even colder reading.

Thermal satellite observations revealed last year that Iran’s Lut Desert had the world’s all-time hottest temperature in 2005 when the mercury soared to an utterly astounding  70.7c, 159.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

That means the atmosphere has seen a swing of almost 300 degrees in temperature between the hottest and coldest spots on the planet.

Hottest in Asia recorded Temperatures:

Reliable data  from Asia exceeding 52C:
(the 54C of Tirats Tsvi in Israel is not accurate)

- Mitribah Kuwait, 54.0c 21st July 2016
- Turbat Pakistan, 53.5c 28th May 2017
-Moen Jo Daro,Pakistan 53.5C  26th may 2010
-Sibi,Pakistan  53.0C  26th may 2010
-Jacobabad Pakistan 52.8C  june 1919
-Larkana, Pakistan 52.7C  may 1998
-Abdaly (Kuwait) 52.6C  june 2010  DUBIOUS (synops maximum was 51.8C)
-Omidieh,Iran  52.5C  august 2001
-Deh Seyf (Iran) 52.5C  july 1998   DUBIOUS
-Ahwaz (Iran) 52.2C  july 2000
-Al Jazeera (United Arab Emirates)  52.1C  SLIGHTLY DUBIOUS
-Jeddah Airport (Saudi Arabia) 52.0C  june 2010
-Abadan (Iran)  52.0C  june 2010
-Basra Airport (Iraq) 52   june 2010  SLIGHTLY CONTROVERSIAL (no synops, only highest metar)


Death Valley Calif..54.0c 30th June 2013
Death valley 129F (53.9C)   july 1960,july 1998,july 2005,july 2007

128F (53.3C) Lake Hvasu City,AR (53.3C)  june 1994

note 127=52.8C,  126=52.2C

127° Gold Rock, CA
127° Parker, AZ 
127° Fort Mojave, AZ   DUBIOUS
126° Mecca, CA
126° Cow Creek, CA 

Highest Readings for India;

Alwar 50.6c....not Authentic. WMO also doubts its correctness.

50.6c at Pachpadra on 25 May 1886 ?Not sure of measuring standards.
Ganganager= 50.1c on 4th.June 1934, 
Titlagarh = 50.1c on 5th June 2003
Dholpur= 50.0c on 8th.June 1995. 
Churu=50.0c 0n 10th. June 1993.

Leh recorded a lowest of -29c on 3rd Feb 2008, Earlier record was -28.3c on 11th Jan 1899.
Drass and Kargil Record -30c on 8th Jan 1995--To be authenticated as not verified or certified.

New WMO World Extreme Wind Gust Record: 408 km/h during Tropical Cyclone Olivia on 10 April 1996 at Barrow Island, Australia

  • Highest cyclone speed on west coast (153kmph )  -Veraval in Jun 1920..from Rohit Aroskar
  • Highest cyclone speed on east coast ( 241 kmph)- Nagapattinam in Nov 1952..sent by Rohit

Extreme  Temperatures Range in a Day:
13th April 2017..
Max temperature in Ahmadnagar on 13th was 43.2c, and minimum 15.4c. Day/Night variation 27.8c !

Mahableshwar saw a high of 35.9c on 13th April. It was 35.6c on 11th April in MShwar.

2016: Massive temperature variations were seen in some Maharashtra towns on 26th/27th November 2016...

On 26th November Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) max temp 35.4°C and min temp 6.6°C. So, Temperature difference was 28.8°C.(Ahmednagar record and India range record is 29.2c on 15th December 2003. 

on 27th Nove 2016, Mumbai Scruz saw a difference of 19.6c, (high for a coastal city), when the day was 36.2c and night 16.6c. 
and on same day, Pune saw a range of 22.8c, with 32.1c as the high and 9.3c as the low.

29th Dec 2015  Nanded : Recorded above 23 c daily range from 23 to 31 Dec 2015 ..
Highest daily range on 29 Dec 2015 : 34.5 c / 8 c...

2015: Mumbai SCZ recorded daily range of over 20 c on 24,28 ,29 Dec 2015 this season..
24 Dec : 31.7 c / 11.4 c...20.3c , 28 Dec :34.4/13.3...21.1c, 29 Dec : 36.3/14.5...21.8c

On 3rd May 2015, Una in Himachal saw a range of 25.8c...Max was 36.8c ( 2nd May) and min 11.0c (3rd May) ..

On 16th April 2006, S'jung was (39.7c/16.4c) so a difference of 23.3c...thanks Arpit Sharma 

15th December 2013...Ahmednagar Max 34.0c and min 4.8c..Differential range 29.2c..
March 5 2013 Mumbai Scruz .. 39.5 / 15.6 (23.9 c range)
4th March 2013: Satara range difference 26.1c... max 38.5c (=4.5c) - 12.4c (-4.6c) NALIYA 38.2 / 09.8, variation=  28.4c on 5 March 2013
Imphal on 5th morning: max 33.0 min 7.2 range 25.8c...sent by Rohit Aroskar

Ahmadnagar (Maharashtra) : 36.8 c / 8.6 c .. till 8.30 am 19th Feb 2015
24 hr diff of 28.2 c...Sent by Rohit

20th Jan 2013: Day/Night Range Difference:
In Pakistan plains lowest was at Sibbi -6c.
Incidently the high today in Sibbi was 23.5c...the day night variation works out to 29.5c..probably one of the widest range for sub-continent !!

 March 16 2011 Mumbai Scruz.. 41.3 /19.2 (22.1 range)
7th JAN 2011 Ahmadnagar had a high of 29 c followed by a low of 1.7 c..variation of 27.3c

March highest in asia:
Sironcha  45.6  14 mar 1969 dubious, the day might be wrong (maybe 30 Mar 1969 which was very hot)
Titlagarh 46.0C  17 march  1980  dubious   (same case, it could have been on 28 March 1980 which was very hot) 
Hissar 45.6C  31 March 1945  looks correct
Malegaon 45.6C  28 March 1889 dubious, maybe there was not Stevenson at that time, average temps were higher

or February it's 42.8c at Baurch in India on 28 Feb 1953. for March I have to check , it can be in India between 45.6C and 46.0C or perhaps in Pakistan. 

The hottest temperature of 2009 was 128.0 degrees Fahrenheit (51.6 degrees Celsius) at Death Valley, California. 
The last time the location was hotter was on July 18, 1960 when the high was 129 degrees Fahrenheit (53.9 degrees Celsius. 

The year's coldest temperature minus 112.2 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 80.1 degrees Celsius) at Russia's Vostok Antarctic research station. 

1982, cold summer. Max on 12-5-82. Max temp 25c and min 19. 38 mms srinagar 4c on date and simla 16c-7c...WD pours rain till gujarat. snow in gulmarg and pahalgam on 13-5-82.
Till 14th May 1982, delhi had crossed 35c on 2 days only.

In 1947, the temp was over 42c at Sjung for 16 days at a stretch, and 14 days in 1984.

Was Largest Hail Stone Record Broken Friday, 23rd July 2010?

Photos of a very large hailstone that fell in Vivian, South Dakota,  on Friday, 23rd July 2010. Just looking at the pictures, it would appear that this stone has broken the record for diameter and circumference of 2003.

The new hailstone would appear to have a maximum diameter of
 around 8 inches and a circumference of about 19 (if the beginning of the
 tape measure is zero). 

The 2003 hailstone was 7 inches in diameter, having a circumference of
 18.75 inches. 

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  1. Coldest place in Asia
    On several occassions the temperature in Asia has dropped to -67.8 °C (-90 °F). The record low was reached on February 5 & 7, 1892 in Verkhoyansk, Russia and again on February 6, 1933 in Oimekon, Russia. Source:http://www.currentresults.com/Weather-Extremes/asia.php