Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Maharashtra: Mahabaleshwar receives record 594.4 mm rainfall in 24 hours

23 July,2021 05:03 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  PTI

2019 Extremely Heavy Record Rains: See Vagaries Extreme
10,790 mms (Lamaj , Maharashtra)*Jun - Sep 2019
9872 mms (Patharpunj , Maharashtra)

9865 mms (Cherrapunji , Meghalaya)....and more

New record for Scruz : 2019 Annual Rainfall: 3855 mms.
Previous record 3785 in 1958...

Mumbai Highest Santa Cruz Annual Rainfall ever (Still Counting) in 2019 !1
With 46 mms as on 24 hrs ended 2nd November ,Saturday Morning, Total rain in 
2019 is 3791 mms.

Cloudburst in Badlapur on Tuesday 8th (Dussera);

Massive cloudburst saw 123 mms in 65 mins ! But it was 47.7 mms recorded in 5 mins (See table).and 100 mms in 30 minutes !(Just short of record.. see in Vagaries Extreme)

Table of 5 min interval rainfall recorded by Vagarian Abhijit on his private AWS. 

Dusserra Rains elsewhere in Mumbai:
Borivali 32 mms, Kandivali 26 mms, Ghatkopar 7 mms,Vagaries 6 mms,  Bhandup 4 mms, Scruz 3 mms, 

Monday, October 7, 2019

2019= 25th June

Last date for Withdrawal Start from Rajasthan is 1st October 1961

Monday, June 10, 2019

29th August 2020

With 85 mms as on Saturday 29th Morning, Mumbai Scruz reaches a total of 3038 mms this season.

As per Vagaries' Records, this could be the earliest date (29th Aug 2020) for Santa Cruz to reach the 3000 mms mark.
In 1954, when the previous record of season's total was 3452 mms, end August was at 2532 mms.

2019 Mumbai Santa Cruz ...All Time Record of  3670 mms (June-Sept).
 Colaba2731 mms  (Not a Record)

Wettest September ever  Sept 2019 1116 mms

16th September 2019

Mumbai Santa Cruz has set a new Record for Monsoon Season Rains, after 65 years.:

The Current total rainfall for the Monsoon this year is 3462.8 mms, till 8.30 am 16th September, ...and counting.
The previous highest for Monsoon season was 3452 mms in 1954.
The Annual rainfall record is however at 3784.9 mms.

Lamaj, a station in Satara District of Maharashtra reaches 
10426 mms of rain this monsoon season 
Highest in India ...14th September 2019

2019...233 days dry for Mumbai..till 10th June 

There has been no rainfall yet from October 24th, 2011 thru May 20th 2012
in Mumbai.
That means straight 209 days (till 21st May 2012) without a drop of rain recorded !!

Last Year, up to June 5th 2012 , Mumbai had 223 straight days without recording any rain !

I have no record for the number of straight days without rain for Mumbai. If readers have any information on this, please put it up on Vagaries..would be very interesting.
In previous years the city has had many April/Mays without a single mm of rain. And it has no bearing on the SWM rains later.

The wettest May, as far as my records show, has been in 1918, when the city (Colaba) was drenched with 279 mms. By coincidence, 1918 was a drought year in India, with one of the lowest average rainfall on all India basis, 65 cms, against a normal of 89cms. That is -27%. Absolutely a severe drought year.

The wettest May at S'Cruz was in the year 2000, with 388 mms of rain.
Mumbai's (Colaba) last 5 years' May rainfall has been: 2012=2012 0 mm, 2011=1 mm, 2010=0 mm, 2009=2 mms, 2008= 0 mms, 2007=1 mm, 2006=135 mms.