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Low day temps and record rains in May 2021

Low Day temps 2020 December..

It snowed ACTUALLY in Amritsar in March, 1981. It was not 'Olé' or 'Hail Storm'. Please ask old timers in City of Amritsar, who'll confirm the freak incident. Attached is a paper cutting from that era.

Dehradun, Jan 9: It snowed in Dehradun after a gap of 60 years. Oldtimers say, the last snowfall took place in 1952.A white sheet of snow spread in Rajpur and Kishen Nagar areas of Dehradun.Large

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December 24th 2019

Delhi Experiences Longest, Severest ‘Cold Day’ December Spell Since 1997

On Monday, December 23, Delhi experienced its eighth straight day of intense ‘cold day’ conditions, effectively making this the longest and severest ‘cold day’ December spell in the capital in the past 22 years.
The last time Delhi experienced a similar cold spell was back in December 2014, which also consisted of eight successive ‘cold days’. However, the conditions in the ongoing spell are not just harsher, but the spell is also set to last longer, despite having begun much earlier than Delhi’s usual peak winter period from December 25 to January 15.
On Monday, ‘severe cold day’ conditions were observed across the capital, with departures from normal maximum temperatures registered in Delhi’s districts of Palam (-8°C departure), Ayanagar (-7°C), Delhi University (-7°C), Ridge (-7°C) and Safdarjung (-7°C).

While ‘cold day’ conditions are declared when the day’s maximum temperature is below normal by more than 4.4°C, ‘severe cold day’ conditions are when the mercury drops 6.4°C below normal.

December 15-30 2019:

An "Neutral" phase, No High or Low Pressure (WD) froze North India with record day and Night temperatures. )Similar to 1973 ..Given on page below)
*850 Winds on 18th December, during the period:

Prolonged 15 days Cold Wave ( High Pressure not WD) in Northern India..Extremely Low Day Temperatures and Fog...

Rajasthan is witnessing five of its cities registering sub-zero temperatures with Fatehpur in Sikar district being the coldest at minus 4c on 29th.. as extreme cold wave conditions prevail across north India.

As cold wave sweeps through entire north India, an unexpected surprise was in store for the northeastern state of Nagaland. For the first time in several years, residents of Nagaland woke up to fresh snowfall. Now, photos and videos of the rare occurrence are going viral on social media.

Taking to Twitter, H. Khehovi, MLA from Suruhoto Constituency in the Zunheboto district of the state shared photos of the snowfall in Nagaland. “What a wonderful gift for the people of Luvishe Village under Aghunato sub-division of Zunheboto district to experience snowfall after 37 years. Indeed, Mother Nature have showered her blessings upon Nagaland this Christmas,” 
Some Culminating Temps from Weather of North India Blog:

Some Extreme Cold Waves...not necessarily Records..

Lowest Record for Kolkata (Alipore was way back in 1899, 20th January, when 6.7c was recorded.Dum Dum has seen 5.0c as its record on 15th Jan 1947.

11th Jan 1967 cold wave,
 Palam Records lowest ever, still unbeaten record...

Palam    -2.2c 11th
Sjung      1.5c  12th

Amritsar      -2.1c 13th

Ambala       -1.2c 14th
Adampur     -3.3c 13th
Halwara airport         -4.7c 12th
Churu                          -2.9c  12th

Scruz               10.2c 15th

Rajkot               5.1c 15th
Pune                  7.3c.. date to verify.. 

Abd AP 1.2 28th dec 1968

February 14th 1972:

Simla : Max -2c min -8c. Mumbai: 23c - 15c.

28th-29th January 1973: A strong WD.

Temperatures. Simla : -7c, Bhuj :0c, Jamnagar: 1c, Ahmdabad   4.3c (lowest ever 2.2c on 3rd Feb 1920), Rajkot 4c,  Ujjain and Khandwa 2c and  Indore  2.2c.

New Delhi 18 -5 with 29 mms rain.

1st Jan 1975: North cold as WD passes.

New Delhi was 12.6c as the maximum temperature. Heavy snow in Simla and very heavy snowstorm lashed Naini Tal.

25th December-29th December 1973: A rare cold wave without any WD.

 An anti cyclone "froze " over Northern India, leading to 12-15 days of continuous fog and dull sun-less days.

Some temperatures in Dec 1973:  Churu -5c,  New Delhi: Max 9c and Min 2c. 

For the first time ever, Gurgaon had half an inch of frost...and engine oil froze in vehicles !

23rd-24th Jan 1981:

A strong WD lashed North. 15 hrs of continuous snowfall lashed Kashmir Valley, and heavy landslides in Kashmir and HP. 

Heavy snow in Srinagar forced administration to use machines to clear the snow. 40 cms of snow recieved in Mussoorie. Mall raod blocked totally.
Punjab lashed by heavy hailstorms. The maximum temperature in Amritsar was 8.8c. Snowfall in Dehra Dun City after 1944.

Another Cold Wave on 5th-7th Jan 1987:

Low Temps in cold wave:  Abu: 1c, Srinagar : max -5c min -7c,  New Delhi 20-4.
Dal Lake frozen and Kargil fell to -24c. Drass to -36c. 

13th January 1989: Amritsar was 17 and -3c and Dehra Doon 16 and 2c.

January 1991: (Season's Lowest):

Srinagar: -9c, Mt. Abu  -7c, Simla  -6c. Churu  -2c, Amritsar -0.5c, Bhuj  0.6c

Dec 18th - 31st December 1994: Severe cold in Kashmir and Northern India.

Some low temperatures: Leh max -8c and min -21c on 18th, Kanpur 3c on 18th. Mt Abu on 12th was -7.4c. Jammu 1c on 31st.

WD in December 1995 lasted over India from 22nd December - 28th December...stagnant for 6 days.
Jan 1st 1995; Indore 2.7c, Pune 2.8c.

1996: 9th December 1996: Amritsar Records Lowest ever temp at -3.6c.

Some cold temps of 7th-8th january 2006:
Delhi S'Jung 0.2c,  Churu -2.9c,  Adampur -2c,  amritsar -0.3c, Chandigarh 1c.

Cold Wave of 22/23/24 Jan 2008: 

Delhi 2nd Jan 1.9c, Srinagar -5.8c,   Simla -4.4c,  Adampur  -4c, Amritsar -2c, Chandigarh 0c, Drass -30c.
Leh on 2nd Feb 2008: max -6c and min -29c.

*Lowest ever in New Delhi (Palam) is -2.2c on 11th January 1967, and
 Lowest at S'Jung was -0.6c on 16th January 1935.

December 2012/Jan 2013:

The following readings are reported from IMD's designated stations for recordings...Mercury in Fathepur area of Shekhawati region touched - 2.7c mark breaking a record of 22 years on Monday, 31st December 2012..

On Thursday, 3rd Jan, the low was -0.3c....

On January 10, 1989 and 1997, the region had recorded a temperature of 0c. 

On Monday minimum temperature in Fatehpur was -2.7c, Sikar  - 0.1c and in Churu the minimum temperature was 0.4c.

(Thanks Arpit, for drawing my attention to this news).

A severe cold wave has been sweeping the Northern regions, specially the plains, from 30th December.

Some extreme lows recently recorded :

30th Dec 2012; Amritsar max temp: 9.4c...Sri Ganganagar 0.6C

31st December Lucknow AP: 0.7c...

1st Jan 2013: Hindon: 0.6c,  Churu and Narnaul: 0.7c,  Agra: 0.9c....Delhi 4c, 

2nd Jan:  Muzzafarnagar : 0.6c...Bareilly  0.9c, Aligarh 1.2c, 

Lowest Day Temperature was at Hindon at 8.4c and Sri Ganganagar   8.6c

Max on 2nd at Palam 9.7c and Sjung 9.8c. In 1973 Dec, Delhi had a max at 9c...

3rd Jan: Lowest day temp was 9.1c at Patiala. Lowest at Bikaner was 0.4c...Across the border in the plains of Pakistan, 

31st Dec 2012-- Sibbi was frozen at -5c...and the day was 24.5c, the difference a startling 29.5c between day and night.

1st Jan: Sibbi -1.5c, Nokkundi  0c, Mithi 1.0c, 

2nd Jan: Sibbi  -2.0c..., Gawadar  7c, Karachi 8.0c. 

Across the border in the plains of Pakistan, 

1st Jan: Sibbi -1.5c, Nokkundi  0c, Mithi 1.0c, 

2nd Jan: Sibbi  -2.0c..., Gawadar  7c, Karachi 8.0c. 

The lowest day temperatures on Sunday, 6th Jan 2012 in the Plains:
Najibabad (UP): 6.8c, Meerut  7.3c, Amritsar  7.7c, Chandigarh 9.3c...

The minimums in the plains on Monday, 7th Jan:

Narnaul  -3c, Churu -2.7c, Hissar -0.8c, Hindon -0.1c. (Arpit reports of some frost, dew freezing on his terrace near Ghaziabad).
Mumbai Scruz was 11.3c (as per IMD), Colaba was 16.3c, Pune at 7.5c and Nasik 6.4c...

In Pakistan, 0n Sunday max temps were: Multan was 6.2c, Sargodha was at 6.5c....

and minimums in the plains on Monday morning..Sibbi  -4.0c, Nokkundi  0.5c, Lahore AP 1c,  Islamabad  1.5c,  Hyderabad and Sukkur  5.5c,  Karachi 10.5c, 

Kathmandu slipped to 0.2c on sunday morning...

Some Maximum Temperatures on Sunday, 6th January 2013:

New Delhi Sjung 11.8c , Palam 10.8c,  Amritsar 7.4c  .

Mumbai Scuz 27.4c, Colaba 27.0, Vagaries 27.4c

Pune 30.5c  Lohegaon 31.4c.  Solapur 33.6c     

5th January 2013, Saturday, saw a cold day in the Northern plains of the sub-continent:

The day temperatures (Highs) on 5th Jan, Saturday were: 

Moradabad and Najibabad (UP) 7.2c, Amritsar 7.4c (-12c), Ludhiana 8.5c...

The Lows on 6th Jan Sunday were: Churu  -2.2c, Hissar  -1.1c, Hindon -0.2c, Gurgaon AWS  0.0c, Mt.Abu  0.0c, Muzzafarnagar  0.2c, Agra  0.5c,  Alwar  1c,  SJung  1.9c.

The lowest day temperatures on Sunday, 6th Jan 2012 in the Plains:
Najibabad (UP): 6.8c, Meerut  7.3c, Amritsar 7.7c, Chandigarh 9.3c, New Delhi Sjung 11.8c , Palam 10.8c,...

In Pakistan, 0n Sunday 6th Jan, max temps were: Multan was 6.2c, Sargodha was at 6.5c....and minimums in the plains on Monday 7th morning..sibbi -4.0c, Nokkundi 0.5c, Lahore AP 1c, Islamabad 1.5c, Hyderabad and Sukkur 5.5c, Karachi 10.5c, 

Mumbai chilled at 10.4c (Scruz) and Nasik was at 4.4c...
(Unofficial Private confirmations: Thane (Trevor)9.5c, Badlapur (Abhijit) 9.3c, Panvel (Office) 9.5c.
Had a thermometer installed on temporary basis for readings at the WSC (Sports Club at Mahalaxmi Race Course) where the morning reading showed 13.8c..).

In the Hills, Leh was -18c, Keylong -10c, Gulmarg -9c and Pahalgam -8c. Srinagar saw the fringes of Dal Lake frozen at -4.6c.

Across the border in Pakistan, the plains station of Joharadabad (210Kms West of Lahore) saw a day's high of 6.5c, Faisalabad 7.0c, Sialkot saw a day's high of 7.2c, Lahore 9c. 

The lows were: Sibbi was at -4.5c, Islamabad at 0c, Karachi at 10c.

Kathmandu was freezing at 0.7c as the minimum temperature...

7th January 2013:

The minimums in the plains on Monday, 7th Jan:
Narnaul  -3c, Churu -2.7c, Hissar -0.8c, Hindon -0.1c. (Arpit reports of some frost, dew freezing on his terrace near Ghaziabad).
Mumbai Scruz was 11.3c (as per IMD), Colaba was 16.3c, Pune at 7.5c and Nasik 6.4c...

North Kashmir region also fell to below normal temperatures, with Darbuk falling to -34c, while on Monday morning (7th), Drass was at -27c and Kargil at -19c. 

Minimums (not a record)at  Churu -1.7c, 
8th  Jan 2013 at Kanpur -1.1c,
Lucknow  -1.0c, Narnaul -0.7c, Abu and Dehra Dun -0.5c.

New Records 2013:

Record Day temps on Amritsar   7.4c on 5th Jan 2013,  Joharadabad (210Kms West of Lahore) saw a day's high of   6.5c, Faisalabad   7.0c, Sialkot saw a day's high of  7.2c, 

6th Jan Najibabad (UP): 6.8c,   Meerut  7.3c,   Joharabad at 6.0c again possible record, Multan was   6.2c, Sargodha was at  6.5c.

7th Jan : Anandpur Sahib 5.7c,  Chandigarh  6.5c,  Jammu 6.7c, 

Minimum of and Narnaual -3.0c on 7th Jan 2013 a new record 

In Pakistan, The coldest day in the plains was at Mandi Bahudin 6.8c, Sialkot 7.7c.
The lows were Sahiwal and Faisalabad -1.5cc, Sargodha -0.5c, Sibbi and Lahore AP 0.0c, 

Bhatinda was -3.9c on 4th Jan 1975

Station                 Month                  Lowest Min Temp
Ambala          December 27, 1913              -0.6             
                        January 24,  2008             -1.3               

Hisar             December 29, 1973              -1.5                       
                        January 31, 1929               -3.9             

Narnaul         December 30, 1965              -0.9             
                       January 7, 2013                 -3.0

Punjab Records and Lows:

Station              Month                    Lowest Min. Temp

Amritsar      December 9, 1996                -3.6                      
                       January 12, 1989                -2.9       
Bathinda      December 6, 1984              -1.2                       
                      January 4, 1975               -3.9     
Ferozepur      December 22, 1950           -1.7                      
                         January   29, 1964           -2.9   


Month          Lowest Min Temp         Date &Year
December             0                             31st 1973
January              0                               28st, 1973,
                                                                6th, 2007,
                                                                 24th, 2008

Note on 2012/2013 Cold Wave:

Delhi cold...2012/2013
While it is common for the minimum temperature to stay below 6 degrees during December-January, 'cold day' conditions — that is, day temperatures staying much below normal — are uncommon.According to temperature records since 1973, the longest spell of below-16 degree temperatures was for 10 days in Jan 2003. In this period, there were only four winters (December-January) when the total number of below-16 degree days was 10 or more. By contrast, there were as many as 33 'coldest nights' (minimum below 6 degree C) out of the 62 days in the 1996-97 winter.
For nine straight days since December 31, the capital hasn't seen temperatures rise above 16 degrees Celsius and the minimum has remained below 6 degrees. Taking these two temperature limits as cutoff, TOI sifted through data for the past 40 years. No other unbroken spell of biting chill — both minimum and maximum temperatures staying this low — had sustained for as long as this, it was found.
The closest Delhi came to such a prolonged period of severe cold was a six-day spell that began on January 4, 2011. While there have been longer periods of either the maximum temperature staying below 16 degrees or the minimum not rising beyond 6 degrees, the double whammy of cold days and freezing nights — as seen in the past nine days — was unmatched in the period studied.

Taken from

Lahore  Ap 9 days continuous below 11c and Sia;kot 10 days below 11c...
Page not completed, more to come......

February 2013 WD: Strong:

February 2013:
A strong WD, F-1 passed thru Pakistan and India, after covering Dubai, Oman and S.Arabia..some of the precipitations from the brought severe windstorms in Egypt and Iraq.
It brought torrential rainfall of 111 mm in Jeddah.
It brought drizzle in Dubai, UAE.
It brought 200+ rainfall in North Pakistan.

India Precipitation:

Chitkul recording the highest snowfall of 6 to 7 feet. Cold desert areas of Pooh received around 3 feet of snow, while the adjoining Lahaul-Spiti district witnessed 4 feet of snowfall. Other higher area like Narkanda, Khara Pathar and Kothi saw 3 feet of snowfall. Tribal areas and large parts of Shimla and Kullu districts were without power, as a result of which telecom connectivity had been affected.

Mount Jakhu, the highest peak in the area, had 30 cm of snow, while lower areas had 10 to 20 cm of snow.

The nearby tourist resort of Kufri and Fagu received 50 cm of snow.

Shimla recorded highest rainfall of 76 mm, breaking a 105-year-old record when it received 63.5 mm rain on February 2,1908.
Shimla recorded 25 cm snow, while Manali received 50 cm snow.
Delhi Sjung got its heaviest Feb 24 hr downpour of 46 mms on 5th Morning, while heaviest was 104 mms in 1942 Fe

Daily Precipitations.

7th Feb morning
Gohar & Rampur Bushar 3.7 each, Dhundhi 3.1, Bhuntar AP 2.0, Tehri 1.7, 
Mukteswar 1.4, Dehra Dun 1.2, Gorakhpur & Lucknow AP 1.0 each, 
Allahabad AP 0.9, Sultanpur 0.8, Bareilly 0.2, Baramulla (AWS), Jhansi, Katra 
& Patiala 0.1 each.
Rewa 1.3, Damoh 0.6, Datia 0.3, Narsingpur & Satna 0.2 each

6th Feb 

Renuka 15.0, Bilaspur 11.6, Dhundhi (Sase) 10.7, Dharampur 10.6, Jagadhari 9.7, 
Chhachhrauli 8.1, Dehra Dun 7.1, Mukteswar 6.7, Tehri 6.1, Lucknow AP 5.5, 
Baderwah 3.0, Quazigund 2.9, Kanpur AP 2.6, Batote & Gurudaspur AWS 2.5 each, 
Patiala 2.2, Jhansi 1.5, Bahraich 1.4, Ludhiana 1.0, Pilani 0.4, Bareilly 0.3, 
Bharatpur 0.1.

Bhopal 0.5, Datia & Gwalior 0.1 each

5th Feb

Dehradun-70 mm, Mussoorie-80mm, Haridwar-50mm and Roorkee-40mm on Tuesday. Uttarkashi recorded 60 mm rainfall, Purola-95mm, Bagwshwar-22mm, Almora-12mm, Pithorgarh-10mm, Chamoli-70mm, Champawat-12mm, Kotdwar-48 mm, Pauri-53mm on 5th Feb morning.

Tissa 12.1, Dhundhi (SASE) 8.9, Gohana 7.0, Tehri 6.2, Banihal 5.8, 

Kharkhoda Arg 5.7, Kalpa 5.5, Sonapeth 5.1, Dehra Dun 4.3, Lucknow AP 4.2, 
Jhansi 3.0, Quazigund 2.5, Bahraich 1.9, Derabassi 1.6, Patiala 1.4, Ajmer, 
Jodhpur AP & Srinagar 1.2 each, Jaipur AP & Jaisalmer 1.0 each, Bareilly & 
Ganganagar 0.9 each, Phoolbagh 0.8, Ludhiana & Sultanpur 0.3 each, 
Udaipur 0.2.
Khajuraho 2.6, Nowgong & Tikamgarh 2.4 each, Datia 1.9, Guna & Shajapur 
1.4 each, Bhopal 1.0.
Wav 0.9, Mehsana (AWS) 0.8, Tharad 0.5, Bhuj AP & New Kandla 0.2 each

4th Feb

Kapurthala 5.0, Batote, Dhundi (SASE) & Saloni 4.6 each, Seobagh (Univ) & 
Udaipur 4.5 each, Katra 4.0, Dharamsala 3.8, Gurudaspur 3.5, Banihal 3.4, 
Ganganagar 3.3, Phangota 3.0, Amritsar IAF & Tehri 1.1 each, Charkhi Dadri 
ARG 0.6, Pilani, Bhiwani 0.5 each, Chandigarh & Jaisalmer 0.4 each, Ambala, 
Hissar, Mukteswar & Patiala 0.3 each, Bikaner 0.2, Dehra Dun 0.1.

F-1 precipitation in Pakistan

Rawalakot 219 mm, 
Saidu Sharif 212 mm, 

Abbottabad 209 mm, 

Cherat 184 mm, 

Rawalpindi 174 mm, 

Islamabad 172 mm, 

Risalpur 168 mm , 

Garhi Dupatta 167 mm

Lower Dir 149 mm, 

Pattan 134 mm, 

Muzaffarabad 130 mm,  

Chakwal 129 mm

Mangla 117 mm

Chief Snowfall amounts (Pakistan):
Malam Jabba 10 Feet (120 Inch)
Kalam 6 Feet (72 Inch)
Murree, Parachinar & Skardu 2 feet (24 Inch)

Malamjabba received 3.5 feet snowfall followed by Kalam 2 feet, Drosh one foot, Dir 08 inch, Murree 07 inch, Chitral 06 inch and Skardu 05 inch. Parachinar remained the coldest place where -10 C followed by Astore -07 C, Gupis, Skardu -03 C, Hunza -02 C minimum temperature was recorded. The pollen count remained 12 per cubic meter respectively.


Bhopal saw a high of 14.2c on New year's Day...2015
Gwalior saw a high of only 13c and Bhopal 15.5c on the last day of 2014

Winter 2014-2015Average maximum temperature in Delhi(S'jung) this month !!!

1st Week: 27.84c
2nd Week: 22.98c
3rd Week: 17.91c
Overall till 24th Dec: 22.32c

this winter is coldest in terms of max temp for Delhi in the past 16 years... avg max is 17.8c till today and there are no chances of going even up to 19c.

24th January 2016: Jammu: Today Jammu recorded the lowest ever temperature for the month of January with minimum at 0.5c...yesterday max there was 7.4c which is twelve notches below normal..

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