Heat Waves-Extreme Heat

Even in times of heatwaves, the night is expected to bring temperatures down to a tolerable level. The city of Quiryat, Omanon experienced a new world record for the highest minimum temperature on the night of June 26, 2018. In a 24-hour period – measured from midnight to midnight- the “low” temperature hadn’t gone below 42.6°C (108.7°F). The previous record for a 24-hour period low was 41.9°C (107.4°F), and it was also set at Oman, near Khassab Airport in 2011.

To make things even hotter, the temperature in Quiryat remained above 41.9°C (107.4°F) for 51 hours- from June 25 all the way through June 27. The maximum daytime temperature during the period was 49.8°C (121.6°F) – just a degree Celsius below the all-time high temperature record for Oman, 50.8°C (123.4°F).

14th May 2022

 51°c...Today at Jacobabad

Max informs

15th May..2022

Banda: 49c, broke the all time record of May

 Delhi temperatures

Gurugram: 48.1c

Noida: 47.1c

Mungeshpur: 49.2

Najafgarh: 49.1

Safdarjung: 45.6

Pitampura: 47.3

Ridge: 47.2

Jafarpur: 47.5

Palam: 46.4

Ayanagar: 46.8

10th June 2019:
Hallo Rajesh, new all time high at Nowgong today with 49.0C, previous 48.8C in 1998, 
also new record at Jhansi with 48.1C previous 48.0C also in 1998.
also new all time high at Banda 49.2C previous 48.9C in 1995, and Pilani new record at 48.1c.
All info from Max.

Churu 50.8c on 1st June 2019; @nd June temps of the rest

1Jacobabad (Pakistan)
2Churu (India)
3Pad Idan (Pakistan)
4Rohri (Pakistan)
5Sibi (Pakistan)
6Ganganagar (India)
7Bahawalnagar (Pakistan)
8Nawabshah (Pakistan)
9Phalodi (India)
10Bikaner (India)

On Wednesday 20th February 2019,
Thiruvananthpuram breaks record temperature of highest ever for any month by recording 38.2c

Cooler Summer : May 2018
Low temperatures recorded in North India (Minimum...as reproduced from Navdeep Dahiya
DATED: 9 MAY 2018
Balachar: 17.1°c
Hosiyarpur: 17.4°c  Fatehgarhsahib: 18.2°c
Kapurthala: 18.2°c  Tarn taran: 18.6°c
Jalandhar: 19.0°c  Ludhiana: 19.3°c  Amritsar: 19.6°c
Moga: 19.9°c  Patiala: 20.1°c  Bhatinda: 20.5°c
Chandigarh: 20.0°c

Yamunanagar: 15.4°c
Ambala: 16.5°c
Kaithal: 16.6°c  Panchkula: 17.2°c  Karnal: 17.4°c
Kurukshetra: 17.4°c  Narayangarh: 18.0°  Sonipat: 18.2°c
Uchani: 18.5°c Panipat: 18.6°c Israna: 19.0°c
Fatehbad: 19.4°c Hisar: 20.1°c Rohtak: 20.7°c
Jhajjar: 21.0°c  Faridabad: 21.8°c  Gurgaon: 21.8°c
Pusa(iari): 19.0°c
Narela: 20.1°c  Mungeshpur: 20.4°c
LodhiRoad: 21.0°c  Jafarpur: 21.6°c  Safdarjung: 22.4°c
Muzzafarnagar: 17.4°c
Meerut: 18.6°c  Bareilly: 19.3°c
Hindon: 19.5°c  Bahraich: 20.6°c  Aligarh: 21.6°c
RAJASTHAN-  Siker: 20.0°c..Churu: 21.8°c

6th June 2017:
Hot Nights: 

Minimum temperature in Delhi S'Jung was 34.2c on Tuesday 6th June ! Gurgaon was minimum at 34.0c, Ludhiana 33.8c, Chandigarh 33.6c and Rohtak saw a minimum of 33.0c. Una in Himachal saw a low of 29.8c and even Shimla was minimum at 20.9c !

4th June 2017:
In Pakistan , on 4th June, Noorpurthal and  Bhakkar were very hot at 52°C. New record for Dera Ismail Khan when the town touched 51c on 4th June, breaking its previous record of 50c recorded in 1986.

Max informs: In Oman, Joba (31st May) and Qurayyat (30th May) both touched the Omani record for the highest ever temperature for the country...They both were at 50.8c.

28th May 2017:

53.5c recorded in Turbat Pakstan ...sharing the highest with Moin Jo Daro  (2010)
On 26th. May 2010, we have pushed Mother Nature to its Limit !!Record breaking heat in Pakistan

Highest maximum temperature was recorded 53.5°C in Mohen jo Daro 

19th April 2017

Earliest 50c ....Pakistan town touches 50c !......
Max Informs us : " " Hallo Rajesh
today new asian record for April with 50 degrees at Larkana, first time 50 degrees is recorded in Asia in april and 3rd time in the world (50.0 Aquismon april 1998 and 51.0 santa rosa april 2011 both in Mexico)."

Normally, we can expect the mercury to touch 50c around mid May...
The hotspots of Pakistan on 19th April (Rounded off Figures)...Larkana 50°C, Moenjo daro 49°C,....(Actual) Sibbi 48.1°C,  Jacobabad 47.1°C,  Bahawalnagar, Sh. Benazirabad 46.1°C, Khanpur and Rohri 45.5°C

Meanwhile in India....Hot spots....Chandrapur­46.2°C, Banda­46.0°C,  Ganganagar­45.8°C, Orai & Churu­45.0 °C each; Nagpur & Narnaul­45.3 °C each; Khajuraho­45.°C ; Wardha & Bramhapuri­45.2°C

19th May 2016:
Historical High for India ! Phalodi, Rajasthan, India, records India's highest ever temperature when it recorded 51.0c on 19th May 2016.
Other maximum temperatures in India on 19th May 2016...

1 Phalodi 51.0 °C
2 Churu 50.2 °C (Record...Highest ever)
3 Barmer 49.5 °C
4 Bikaner 49.5 °C (Record...Highest ever)
Hottest in Gujarat: Ahemdabad and deesa at 48.0c. Hottest in Maharashtra: Jalgaon 46.6c.

Records on 19th May 2016:
Phalodi 51.0,Churu 50.2,Bikaner 49.5 (previous was in 1914),Jodhpur 48.8,Pilani 47.5
Ahmedabad 48.0  (previous was in 1916), Amreli 46.8
Udaipur 46.4 tied.
Erinpura (India) max. 48.4 ,Sawai Madhopur (India) max. 48.7 ,Jalore (India) max. 48.9 

Pakistan Met Department announces 52.2c in Larkana on 19th May 2016..
Other Pakistan Highs on 19th:
1 Jacobabad 51.5 °C
2 Bahawalnagar 50.0 °C
3 Sibi                 50.0 °C
4 Rohri              49.0 °C

Extreme Heat  Map as on 19th May 2016


18th May 2016...The Highest ever temperature (Official and reliable) for India has been recorded at Phalodi (West Rajasthan)...50.5c.
This is a record, and the Highest ever for India. 

(India's Highest ever...Officially they record 50.6c at Alwar...But reading is doubtful...even as per WMO......The station was open few months before and during 1956 it was giving too high maxima 5-6C higher than surrounding stations, than later it got normal. In early May 1956 it was not so hot, but slightly above the average, we can say like a normal day in early June, but not at record levels.)...From Vagaries Extreme
see also here

18th May 2016Maximums:
Churu followed with 49.1c, Jaisalmer 48.8c, Barmer 48.1c. Hottest in Maharashtra on Wednesday was Akola at 47.1c, and Hottest in Gujarat was Surendranagar at 47.8c. Idar followed with 47.6c, Gandhinagar saw 47.0c  and Ahmedabad was hot at 46.9c.   
New Delhi Palam was 46.4c.

18th May 2016:...Across the border in Pakistan, it was sizzling with extreme temperatures....
Larkana in Sindh saw an unimaginable 52c (Rounded off), Sibbi and Mohen-Jo- Daro saw 51.0c, Jacobabad and Padidan 50.5c...to mention the "above 50s" only.

Maximiliano Informs:
Thailand National Record has been broken...The highest ever temperature of 44.6c was recorded at Hong Son on 28th April 2016.
Palakkad on 26th recorded 41.9c...The Hottest temperature ever recorded in Kerala. Kannur breaks it all time record with 39.2c.
Countries across Southeast Asia are feeling the heat. Sri Lanka: Jaffna broke its all time high record by touching 37.0c on 28th April, beating 36.7c recorded in 1983. 

21st April 2016: Titlagarh Odisha at 47.0c was the hottest place in the world for the day.

Reported by Max on 
New All time record high in Andaman and Nicobar: April 2016
Report of 20th April: The station of Long Island few days ago recorded 37.6c, which is a new record for Andaman and Nicobar.

Today Car Nicobar 35.4c new absolute record also for Nicobar !

16th April 2016: Highest realiable T ever today in the Maldives with 34.9C, it beats the previous record of 34.8C set in 1999.

20th April 2016: Long Island few days ago recorded 37.6C, which would be a new record for Andaman and Nicobar

15th April 2016:  Mahableshwar, a Hill station in Maharashtra , at a height of 4500 feet ASL, is also caught in the grip of the National Heat wave. The station recorded  36.4c (5c above normal) on Friday.
Of course, the hottest April ever is not touched, which was a hot 37.6c on 21st April 1976. The highest ever record for Mahableshwar is 38.2c on 24th March 2003.
Pune soared to 40.8c and Aurangabad was hot at 41.2c on Friday.
The heat now creep into the heat prone region, Vidharbh. Wardha was 45c ( Hottest in Asia) on Friday, Chandrapur 44.6c and Akola 44.4c. Nizamabad records a sizzling 44.9c !
Kolkata DumDum has risen to 41.2c on Friday. Bangalore was at 37.5c. and Bangalore (HAL) was at 36.7c.

Max informs us of New Record for Chintamani town (Karnataka). The town recorded 38c on Thursday, beating its previous high of 37.6c recorded on 12th April 2010.

Heat has started in full strength in Pakistan also. On Thursday, Dadu was 46c and 45c at Pad idan, Jacobabad and Sh.Benazirabad.
On Friday, Pad idan and Sibbi recorded 43.5c and Jacobabad 43c. 

Monday 11th April: Bhubaneshwar at 45.8c was the Hottest Place in Asia and the 2nd Hottest in the World. ( Bokoro in Chad, Africa was Hottest at 46.4c) !!
 Bankura 45.2 °C, Chandbali  44.4 °C

Hottest In Pakistan: Chorr,  Mithi 38c, Sukkur, Jacobabad, Hyderabad, Sh. Benazirabad, Lasbella 37c.

Ahmadnagar in Maharashtra measured 44.4c on 23rd March 2016...an absolute record for the place..

March 13th 2016...hotter and hotter ! Kozhikode 38.6C today !
until 1 month ago in 130 years it had never recorded more than 37.2C, it's incredible !

March 11th 2016...Hallo Kannur 39.1C improved its all time Tmax again for the 3rd time...

21st August 2015...Today at Sohar Majis Oman...49.8C T and 30.0C DP....73c Heat Index..

2th June 2015..Satna max was given as 48.5C...
One of the highest T ever recorded in Madhya Pradesh.

On Monday 28th December 2015, , 
Porbundar equalled ( 8th Dec 2000) its December record of 37.2c.
On Tuesday 29th, Rajkot saw its hottest December after the 36.4c recorded on 6th Dec 2008.
On Wednesday 30th Ratnigiri recorded its hottest December ever, after 36.7c on 24th Dec 2007.

Indore also saw its hottest ever December with 33.0c, beating previous 32.9c on11th Dec 2008.

New Records for 2014
Sylhet (Bangladesh) max. 39.2  24th April
Chittagong Airport (Bangladesh) max. 39.6  April
Gahuati (India) max. 40.6..24th April

Satna (India) max. 48.0c....6th June

India's Highest ever...Officially they record 50.6c at Alwar...But reading is doubtfull..The station was open few months before and during 1956 it was giving too high maxima 5-6C higher than surrounding stations, than later it got normal. If you see in early May 1956 it was not so hot, it was hot, but slightly above the average, we can say like a normal day in early June, but not at record levels.

Titalgarh at 50.1c, and I think these max of 50.0C Ganganagar 1934, Dolphur 1995 are surely ok, 
Than there is also a 50.0C at Churu in 1993,

one is Pachpadra saline depression, 50.6C back in 1886 according to the obsevation books it was provided by a good shelter (relative to that time). I think in 2010 Pachpadra could have reached at least 50.5C, and there is a small corner  to the west o jaisalmer bordering Pakistan, the northwestern corner of that , a remote place in the desert with no villages, i think in 2010 it reached 51C.

Pachpadra is a small depression compared to nearby areas and the presence of that saline lake is typical of the hottest places in the desert, I think it can be at least 1C hotter than Phalodi and Barmer, so it's a pity now there is not a station there.

28th May 2014...Its Summer, but we see record Lows..in Titalgarh, which sees highs upto 49/50c in heat waves:
In Orissa, Kesinga records 280 mms and Titalgarh 277 mms in 24 hrs...what an effect of BB-3 ! 
Titalgarh's 277 mms in 24 hrs is the highest EVER for this station for any month.Prevoius was 266 mms in Aug 1967.
The days high was 25c, 17c BELOW NORMAL and low 14.5c, 13c BELOW NORMAL !!14.5c is the lowest ever for May, previous was 19.8c in 1979...
Normal avg rain for May is 33 mms !!

April 21st 2013: Port Blair improved again its record with 36.8C  Forth time in  a row.

Nagpur breaks all time high record by registering 47.8c  in 21st May 2013. However City record of 48.6c ( 1954)still holds.

Larkana 50.7c on 19th May 2013First 50c on 18th May,,,

23rd May 2013: Amritsar 48.0C today. It should be a new all-time high

June 27th 2010 @Sibi min 36.8c....5th June 1976  Sibi 38c min

Spectacular 26 MAY 2010 ..one of the most important days in the history of  


On 26th. May 2010, we have pushed Mother Nature to its Limit !!Record breaking heat in Pakistan

Highest maximum temperature was recorded 53.5°C in Mohen jo Daro and 53c in Sibbi.
Lake Hvasu City 128F (53.3C) of June 1994 is 


Also , the Pakistan Heat Wave shows the other extremes as: 52.5c in Jacobabad, Larkana and Padidan.52c in Nawabshah, and 50c in Rahim yar Khan, Dadu and Sukkar.

In India, we had Ganganagar at 49.3c and the Cool Clime Simla in the Himalayan State of Himachal at its highest ever of 32.4c.

July 1952 : Extended Heatwave – 104 Degrees In Norway – 106 In Italy

The 2003 and 2010 heatwaves were unprecedented, no doubt.

2003 U.K. and Europe Heat wave Records

10August 2003: 
Gravesend, kent, U.K.: 38.1c. hottest in U.K.ever.
Heathrow: 37.9c.  Paris: 40c. Geneva: 36.8c.

2007 August Japan: 
TOKYO: The temperature hit an all-time high in Japan on Thursday with the extreme summer heat bending train rails and killing at least 13 people this week, officials said.
A man takes his shiurt ofThe mercury shot up to a record 40.9 degrees Celsius (106 degrees Fahrenheit) Thursday afternoon in central Gifu prefecture and Saitama prefecture near Tokyo, the weather agency said.
The reading eclipsed the previous highest temperature recorded in Japan of 40.8 degrees set in northern Yamagata prefecture in 1933.

"It's so hot I'm getting irritated," Kumiko Otani, 72, said as she strolled the glitzy Ginza shopping district of Tokyo, where the temperature rose to 37.0 degrees (99 Fahrenheit).

New Delhi Sjung..Continuious days above 40c..
its  18th May -5th June(19 days) ,  9th June-17th June (9 days), 19th June -5th July (17 days)., sent by Arpit Sharma.
May 18th -May 31st:2012
June 2012
 Till July 5th 2012

In 1947, the temp was over 42c at Sjung for 16 days at a stretch, and 14 days in 1984.

12-5-87..For a 10 day period, Simla sees minimum between 1,4c and 4c. Heavy snow in HP and tribal belts get snow bound.

1982, cold summer. Max on 12-5-82. Max temp 25c and min 19. 38 mms Srinagar 4c on date and Simla 16-7...WD pours rain till Gujarat. snow in Gulmarg and Pahalgam on 13-5-82.
Till 14th May 1982, delhi had crossed 35c on 2 days only.

First 40c date for the Season:

1953             28-Feb  Ahmadabad, Baroda, Bharuch, Rajkot, Surat.Baroda 41.7c, Bharuch 42.8c

1974              27 - Feb   Jalgaon

1976              20- Feb   Dohad  42.0c

1981 3-Mar Mumbai Scruz

1982 20-Mar Baroda

1983 11-Mar Solapur





1988 16-Mar Nagpur


1990 4-Apr Nagpur


1992 17-Mar Solapur


1994 13-Mar Solapur


1996 29- Feb Chandrapur

1997 12-Mar Nagpur



2000 18-March Kurnool (sent by Shitij)

2001 26-Feb Titalgarh

2002 18-March Ahmadabad "

2003 2-March Solapur ''

2004 6-March Kurnool (sent by Shitij)

2005 17-Mar Akola(41c)

2006 22-Feb Akola

2007 16-Mar Mumbai Scruz

2008 17-Mar Akola

2009 25-Feb Bhubaneshwar
                   26-Feb Akola

2010 5-Mar Anantapur

2011 10-Mar Anantapur

2012 26-Feb Bhubaneshwar

2013           7th March  Mumbai Scruz, Rajkot and Valsad.

2014          16th March  Barmer  ...40.1c


  1. Bhira(Maharashtra) is a first city in India who have touched 40C this year. Today max temp recorded in Bhira is 40.5C. Source:http://www.imd.gov.in/section/nhac/dynamic/allindia_main.htm

  2. Ogimet provides max temp as well min temp data of all the imp cities of India starting from the year 2000 till the present year(2013). From Ogimet website I found the name of those cities which had recorded 40C first in whole India.Here is the data
    Year Date Cities Temperature
    2004 6th march Kurnool and Veraval 40.8 and 40.3C respectively
    2003 2nd march Sholapur 40.2
    2002 18th march Ahemadabad 40.1
    2001 17th march Kurnool 40.2
    2000 18th march Kurnool 40.2

  3. Instead of present year current year will come(grammatical mistake)

  4. Thanks Shitij: on re checking, all ok. 2004 Veraval is not sure..needs verification..Thanks.

  5. The world's hottest country in February is clearly Australia. As the continent nears the end of its summer, this is the only place where temperatures average above 37 °C (98.6°F).Source:http://www.currentresults.com/Weather-Extremes/hottest-countries-in-february.php

  6. The temperature reached a balmy, record-breaking high for Antarctica of 15 °C (59 °F) at Vanda Station, Scott Coast on January 5, 1974.Source:http://www.currentresults.com/Weather-Extremes/antarctica.php

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