Tuesday, November 7, 2023

 Posted 8th Wednesday Morning:

Continuing from yesterday's post...the rainfall amounts as on 8th morning from Goa, south Konkan and South Maharshtra

Karad  AWS 106 mms

Vengurla AWS 78mm

Panhala 74 mms

Ratnagiri 30 mm

Solapur 28 mm

Karad 50 mm


Margao 103 mm

Dabolim 104 mm

Panaji 99.4 mm

Mormugao 60.4 mm

Mapusa 44 mm

 On 8th November 1888,"Titanic of Gujarat" sank off the coast of Saurashtra in a cyclonic storm during a crossing from Mandvi to Bombay. The SS Vaitarna Ship which was owned by A. J. Shepherd & co, Bombay and was also known as Vijli or Haji Kasam Ni Vijli. The name Vijli was given after its appearance as the ship was decked up with many electric bulbs. The ship started its service in year 1885 and was captained by Kasam Ibrahim also known as Haji Kasam. The ship operated to ferry people between Mandvi and Bombay (now Mumbai). The ferry took 30 hours to travel from Mandvi to Bombay at a fare of Rs 8. During the incident, there were around 1300 people on board which included thirteen wedding parties and several students who headed for Bombay to appear in the matriculation examination of Bombay University in December. Later on, during the inquiry it was found that ship was not well equipped and was not build to operate in the stormy weather. Till date, no shipwreck is found making it to be mystery in the pages of history. However the RMS Titanic sank off after 24 years of this incident. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

 For Mumbai S'cruz...2021 now breaks the record for the fastest 2000 mm mark . Achieved on 22nd July 2021 in 52 days ! Total today 2001 mms !

The  record for the fastest 2000 mms at Santa Cruz was in 1965, when it touched 2000 mms on 30th July, in 60 days. Followed by 2005 when the total was surpassed on 31st July, in 61 days. July End Totals..Scruz 1965 ;2038 mms, 2005 :2019 mms..

Colaba, just for the records, has crossed 2000 mms by July 3 times. In 1886, 1907 and 1991. But, we are still way behind for this station to cross 2000 mms by July end.

(As per Vagaries Records)

Saturday, July 10, 2021

July rainfall was recorded in 2020 of 1,502.6mm, 

in 2019 of 1,464.8mm and 

in 2014 of 1,468.5mm.

Mumbai: A wet June for Mumbai, with 961 mms

Sunday, January 26, 2020

26th October 2020

Mumbai: South West Monsoon has withdrawn from Mumbai. Equaling IMD record of Most delayed date ...26th October (2010).

(IMD Withdrawal criteria awaited this year.)

Rainfall:Scruz 3856 mms (151 inches) All time high.

Colaba : 3427 mms ( 135 inches) ..Record 3482 mms 137 inches 1954

Aurangabad (Mah) received 1558 mms as annual rain this year.  till 1st November 2020
An all time annual record.

Most Delayed Monsoon for Mumbai: June 25th 1959
Earliest Monsoon for Mumbai: 29th May 1956/62/72.

 Earliest monsoon over Mumbai was on 23 May 1802 nd 1839 ( reconstructed data )

..Source ..Climate Dynamics journal ( G Adamson , D Nash )

Most Delayed Withdrawal: 26th October 2010/2020

Posted 25th October
Mumbai Scruz received the highest ANNUAL rainfall total this year, 2020
The previous highs
1.3856 mms (2020) and still counting
2. 3855 mms (2019)
3. 3784 mms (1958)

29th August 2020

With 85 mms as on Saturday 29th Morning, Mumbai Scruz reaches a total of 3038 mms this season.

As per Vagaries' Records, this could be the earliest date (29th Aug 2020) for Santa Cruz to reach the 3000 mms mark.
In 1954, when the previous record of season's total was 3452 mms, end August was at 2532 mms.

As on 29th :Colaba with 108 mms, totals 2816 mms.

5th August 2020: 

On Wednesday, 5th , by afternoon, a sudden Vortex embedded in the off shore trough formed over South Mumbai in a micro scale, as the pressure dropped in the afternoon to 989 hpa,  a drop of 5 hpa in 6 hrs..
causing very gusty winds around South Mumbai and Interior areas. 

On Wednesday, the winds at Colaba observatory peaked at 106 kmph, and were blowing at sustained 60-70 kmph in the afternoon. 
With 323 mms of rain by 8.30 am, Colaba recorded its highest ever 24 hrs rainfall for the Month of August. 
Previous record was 287 mms in 24 hrs  on 3rd August 1881.A record after 139 years !

Santa Cruz measured 162 mms in the same time frame.
Mumbai Areas: Worli 301 mms, Chembur 283 mms, Powai 159 mms, Borivali 128 mms
Seasons total at Colaba and Santacruz now at 2404 mms and 2416 mms respectively.